Official Partner

The Minerals Council of Australia 
The Minerals Council of Australia represents Australia’s exploration, mining and minerals processing industry, nationally and internationally, in its contribution to sustainable development and society.
Australia’s minerals industry is innovative, technologically advanced, capital intensive, and environmentally and socially progressive. 
The industry is a major contributor to national income, investment, high-wage jobs, exports and government revenues in Australia.
The MCA represents the minerals industry with a common purpose in advocating responsible policies to promote growth, prosperity and sustainability.

Endorsing Partner

Polly Farmer Foundation’s mission is to empower Indigenous students through educational opportunities to achieve their potential, follow their dreams, and become the leaders of tomorrow. Academic enrichment is at the heart of all our primary and secondary programs, with mentoring, specialist tuition, leadership, resilience, cultural celebration and career pathway planning provided to all students. Over 60% of our graduates undertake tertiary studies including university, traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities, many within the mining and resources sector.  
Since the launch of our first program in Karratha and Roebourne 25 years ago, the Foundation has built strong partnerships with schools, communities, government and industry and is committed to a strengths-based approach, currently empowering over 2700 students in 57 programs across Australia who have the potential to succeed and who have the support of their family/carers.  
“Education is the key for Aboriginal people to take their rightful place in modern Australian society. Unless we rectify the imbalance in opportunities currently available, young Aboriginal people will continue to be frustrated and unable to develop their talents to make their rightful contribution to the economy and society... and we will all be poorer for that.”  
Graham ‘Polly’ Farmer 

Women in Nuclear (WiN) Global is a not for profit organisation of individuals working professionally in nuclear that aims to: 
  • Support and encourage women working in areas associated with nuclear and radiological applications 
  • Promote the understanding and public awareness of the benefits of nuclear and radiological applications, especially amongst women and young people 
  • Support networking and the sharing of information between nuclear professionals worldwide 
WiN Australia Inc. is the Australian chapter of WiN Global. Membership of WiN Australia includes individuals working professionally in many areas including research, mining, nuclear operations, security, medicine and health care, waste management, regulatory authorities, nuclear and radiation safety, industry, policy and communications. Members have a common commitment to provide information and communicate with the public. 
WiN Australia holds professional development and social events for the benefit of members. Membership is free and people of all genders are very welcome to join.

The Energy Club of WA is an industry network and educational resource for the energy sector in Western Australia.
We are a membership-based not-for-profit organisation comprising of members from all areas of the industry and associated service providers.
We value the role we play in connecting people within the Energy industry, connecting the “Next Generation” in education to inspire their career pathways and connecting people to promote knowledge sharing amongst their peers.
Our core objective is to provide a professional platform in which industry stakeholders can unite to facilitate continued growth and sustainability within the sector. 
Our activities are designed to create an environment where members can mix both professionally and socially in order to facilitate
long term associations and business opportunities, and an arena for promoting continued professional development, education
and public awareness.